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MakeOutMusic Presents Remi Wolf 'You're A Dog!' EP Release Party

One of our wildest friends, REMI WOLF, decided to release an EP. That means one thing - ITS TIME TO PARTY!!!

Remi Wolf

Remi Wolf is a crazy bih but is also hella nice and sweet sometimes but also likes to yell at people but has figured out that maybe instead of yelling at people she can just sing and scream at people on stage when she’s in the mood to make money and act like a daddy dom. Remi also occasionally hosts The Steve Harvey Morning Show and the nationally syndicated Family Feud, which is on its 43rd season. She also occasionally guest stars on the Jersey Shore as a Snooki body double. But seriously, shiiii, this bitch fucks tho. Also, I am this bitch, so damn, come at me bros, and carne asahhh dude. Single and not ready to mingle. Check the tunes and you’ll see why…scary shit, brother.

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Remi's friend Alice will be starting the night off with some wet bangers

Alice Longyu Gao

Alice Longyu Gao is a resilient DJ, songwriter and dancer. Simply put, Alice is the future personified. She is the self-titled Princess of Manifestation. Born in China, fluent in Japanese, based in New York City, Alice represents a world defined by fluid cultural boundaries and charismatic inclusivity. Even her name is an amalgamation: Longyu meaning “Dragon and universe,” Gao meaning “Magnificent.” A student of music since age 4, Alice trained as a pianist and soprano singer with teachers from Shanghai Conservatory of Music and People’s Liberation Army Academy of Art. She went on to study Philosophy, Communication and Theater Arts at Boston University, as well as Japanese History and Eastern Religion, concentrating in the cult, with Harvard University.

Today, Alice's DJ and songwriting skills, complemented by her vibrant Harajuku-inspired aesthetic, has made her the irresistible darling of the fashion and art industries. Her art installation “Pericura 2.0” made 3M value in four days, adored by art lovers and celebrities across the world. Accompanying the release of her new songs, she is working on new sculptures and a dance dance revolution vibe machine.

An active LGBTQ advocate, she was featured in the official New York pride campaign in 2018, W Hotels queer me out campaign in 2017.

Her dream is to have her own TV show, inspire people with unique indie entertainment, art and culture. As an art director and producer, she worked with LOVE Magazine (Hailey Bieber, Madison Beer, Lily Donaldson, etc), V Magazine (ROLA, Ryota Katayose, Jackson Yee, etc), DAZED UK, PAPER Magazine, etc